Behavioral Analysis

We provide specialty services in Forensic Behavioral Analysis and Crisis Management training. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, primarily with profiling and analyzing court cases. We work with clients in the criminal justice industry, for corporations, private businesses, educational institutions, and with faith-based organizations.

The science of behavior was intended to improve the human condition through changing behaviors and environmental factors. Behavioral analysis is a branch of psychology that uses the science of behavior to evaluate, analyze, and predict future behaviors. It also plays a pivotal role in community building and society development. If experts can accurately predict behaviors, it opens the opportunity to make adjustments to circumstances and bring about alternative outcomes. We use a combination of assessments, targeted research, and profiling mechanisms to build unbiased comprehensive reports for our clients and provide scientific evidence that supports our findings.

Our experts are highly accredited, licensed professionals—each holding multiple degrees and licenses in psychology, mental health, and criminology. The field and career experience that our team brings is quite unique, and frankly tailor made to deliver top-tier services for our clients. Our seasoned professionals bring over 50 years of experience working in behavioral analysis for government agencies, law enforcement, education institutions, and through independent study. Most notably, their experience includes working for the FBI in the behavioral science and hostage negotiation units, teaching undergraduate and graduate students at several colleges across the United States—including ivy league universities, and one of our experts is among the short list of only eleven people in the country who is board certified as a Certified Forensic Behavioral Analyst.

Forensic Behavioral Analysis

The practice of Forensic Behavioral Analysis is most prevalent in court proceedings and investigations for criminal and civil cases. Our experts work alongside law enforcement during the investigation, and throughout the court proceedings. We administer personality tests, conduct linkage analysis to previous crimes, and perform threat and risk assessments. We also provide expert witness testimonies in court and depositions. Our analysts meticulously study each crime scene detail and develop profiles of perpetrators to then determine his or her motive, habits, methods used, patterns, etc. This work often ends up being the game changer in investigations because it helps law enforcement understand the perpetrator’s mindset and often illuminates other unexplored, but valuable leads in the case.

Crisis Management Training Sessions

Crisis management skills are an invaluable asset that could potentially save your life and the lives of others. While we are able to predict some crisis events, like weather related natural disasters, most of the occurrences that we face today are unpredictable. One proactive measure we can take to prepare ourselves is to get educated on safety protocols and best practices through training. Our team of experts developed a series of crisis management training sessions which we host for schools, corporations, private businesses and faith-based or religious organizations. Crisis management training arms more people with readiness and knowledge to help in emergencies. For a stronger society, we need to have as any many people trained as possible, especially in the current climate of rising crime, alarming rate of suicide cases, and active shooter incidents. The manner in which one responds to a crisis situation has the potential of escalating the tragedy or diffusing it. Our training sessions will provide attendees with the psychological understanding of the crisis, the tools to be of assistance with diffusing the situation, and the protocols to take for the safety. The most common reaction is to panic during crisis situations, which only adds more fuel to the fire. Having crisis management and readiness training will prepare you for making the best decisions.

The crisis management sessions that we offer include active shooter training, conflict resolution “de-escalation” training, crisis & hostage negotiation training, offender profiling/profiler, suicide prevention & intervention, and psychopathology.