Understanding mental health needs of gang members

Gang related violence is one of the biggest challenges facing Governments worldwide. In United States, gang membership has been in decline since the late 1990s. However. crime by gangs still remains a major public concern.

Although only a small percentage of young people are involved with gangs, but they are responsible for a large percentage of crimes in affected communities. They are not only perpetrators of violence but also victims. In order to address the problem of gang violence, it is important to understand the relationship between gang-affiliation and mental health.

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What is gang counseling all about?

Gang violence is a critical social issue. It takes a high toll on general public as well as the business community. The World Health Organization has highlighted that youth violence, including street gang membership, is a global public health problem that requires an immediate international response.

Gang involvement can have several negative outcomes for the individual including dropping out of school, unemployment, lack of opportunities to succeed, involvement in alcohol and drugs, and more. Many lose connection with their family, friends, community, and school.

Gang members are responsible for a large proportion of crime in communities. Effectively tackling gang involvement and related criminal activities can help in reduction of crime in affected neighborhoods.

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What you need to know about active shooter training

An Active Shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms. Active shooter situations evolve quickly but with training one can learn the warning signs.

Active shooter statistics

Unfortunately, in the United States, active shooting incidents are more common than we would like to imagine. According to the FBI, between 2000 and 2018, 277 active shooter incidents occurred in the United States. There were 2,430 casualties (including killed and wounded), and this number does not include the active shooters. 884 people were killed in these 277 incidents and 1,546 were wounded. From just one active shooter incident in 2000, the number has grown to 30 active shooter incidents in 2017 and 27 in 2018.

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Behavioral Analysis

We provide specialty services in Forensic Behavioral Analysis and Crisis Management training. Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the field, primarily with profiling and analyzing court cases. We work with clients in the criminal justice industry, for corporations, private businesses, educational institutions, and with faith-based organizations.

The science of behavior was intended to improve the human condition through changing behaviors and environmental factors. Behavioral analysis is a branch of psychology that uses the science of behavior to evaluate, analyze, and predict future behaviors. It also plays a pivotal role in community building and society development. If experts can accurately predict behaviors, it opens the opportunity to make adjustments to circumstances and bring about alternative outcomes. We use a combination of assessments, targeted research, and profiling mechanisms to build unbiased comprehensive reports for our clients and provide scientific evidence that supports our findings.

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