Gangs:  Workshops & Training

Topic: Why We Bang (Gangs 101 & more)
Presenter: Terrance Stone (bio)
Length: 2 hours
Target Audience: Teachers, Law Enforcement, Mental Health Workers, Community Based Organizations.
Available: Nationally and Internationally

Criminal street gangs are everywhere. Their numbers have mushroomed across the country. Gangs are the suburbs and even rural areas, not just in urban cities. Driveby shootings and gang initiations have become familiar in diverse locations throughout the United States. Why is this happening and what can we do about it?

Expert instruction is available at your location or remotely. Our speaker knows about gang life. He has helped youth make positive life choices and change their life’s direction. Gangs 101/Why We Bang is an exceptional seminar providing training for professionals. Our training is used in schools, universities, mental health clinics, probation and parole and other community-based organizations.

In our training: Attendees will learn the fascination and fatal attraction aspects of community street gangs.

Participants will learn:

  • The fascination aspects and what is the fatal attraction of community street gangs.
  • The infatuation and commitment of youth and community street gangs.
  • The exit strategies to detour at risk youth from community street gangs.

Terrance Stone, Gang Specialist

Terrence L StoneOur presenter is Terrance L. Stone. Mr. Stone is the Founder, President and CEO of Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy and Stone Consultants; a successful program serving gang members and youth at risk. He is a former gang member. He has turned his life around and is dedicated to God and the rescue of our youths’ innocence. Gang life for Terrence was fierce. But he was mostly loyal to a fault. Although his time as a gang member was short lived, the consequences of this reckless life-style was a combined 10 years of incarceration. His time was served in juvenile facilities and the state penitentiary.

Today Mr. Stone serves as a youth mentor. He has is a State Certified Gang Intervention Specialist (California State University at Los Angeles). He serves on Committees with the San Bernardino County Sheriff and San Bernardino City Chief of Police. Also, he is an Executive Board Member and Chair of the San Bernardino Countywide Gangs and Drugs Task Force. He is a Past Board Member of the African American Chamber of Commerce, and San Bernardino Chapter NAACP. He was selected by former Mayor of San Bernardino, Pat Morris, to join his office on the California Cities Gang Prevention Network.

Terrance is dedicated to guiding young people away from the life that cost him so much of his youth. Terrance is letting his life experiences help others discover their personal worth and true purpose of their life. His change of mind, spirit and action has resulted in his reaching over 25,000 at risk youth. He’s currently running a Youth Leadership Academy in multiple locations, from the High Desert to the West End of San Bernardino County, Atlanta, Arizona, Texas and Colorado. His organization continues to grow. Mr. Stone has received multiple awards, but the results of his sincere efforts and best seen in the countless youth he has mentored.

Terrance Stone is available to train your organization on an individual basis or in collaboration with Lisa Taylor-Austin, NCC, LPC, LMHC, CFMHE, CFBA

Gang Experts

Terrance Stone is an independent contractor with The Taylor-Austin Group, LLC